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Soil mixing is an in-situ soil treatment technology which modifies the engineering properties of existing soil in wall defined zones such as columns, panels, or blocks.  Through the design of the engineering properties and treatment patterns,  soil mixing constructs subsurface soil-cement structures for a wide variety of applications in the areas of civil engineering construction and environmental remediation: to improve bearing capacity and reduce settlement of soft ground, prevent earthquake liquefaction, control groundwater, stabilize excavation bottom, prevent deformation of surrounding ground, or clean up contaminated ground.

Ground Stabilization

Soil mixing and Jet Grouting are effective for improvement of soil bearing capacity for building foundation, settlement prevention for foundation under future structures such as storage tank or LNG plant, and in-situ stabilization of contaminated soils for environmental remediation among other uses.

Liquefaction Prevention

Liquefaction prevention is a liquefaction remedial measure for existing structures where other remedial measures cannot be implemented.  A perimeter soil-cement cutoff wall is recommended to installed to isolate cohesionless soils under the existing structure.

Slope Stabilization

Slope stabilization is important in the design of such excavations as open pits, quarries, and foundations, rock-fill dams, slopes of other types of embankments, and reservoirs, where movement may have serious consequences.

Cutoff Wall

Cutoff walls are used to exclude groundwater from an excavation, to minimize the requirement for dewatering pumping.  Typically, the method involves installing a very low permeability physical cut-off wall or barrier around the perimeter of the excavation to prevent groundwater from entering the working area.

Excavation Support Wall

Raito has tremendous experience in excavation support systems including permanent and temporary excavation support walls, and has constructed numerous projects for buildings, transportation facilities, and other civil works projects.

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