Our Mission

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

It is the company’s policy to be a good “corporate citizen”.  Wherever we do business, employees are required to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.  Employees are also responsible for honoring and abiding by the contracts that we have entered into with other parties, including intellectual property licenses, confidentiality agreements, contracts with our clients and suppliers, and undertakings and other commitments we may have with government authorities.  The standards in this Policy must of course be interpreted in the context of applicable law and practice of the countries where we operate, as well as good common sense. 

Work for Other People

Collaboration between co-workers and with clients, vendors, and partners is necessary to keep our organization on the cutting edge.  People who work for the common good are appreciated, and should be promoted to build a good company.  People who work only for themselves just to hold on to their positions are not valued.  Working for the common good is motivating, ignites passion and performance, inspires people’s energy and creativity, and leads Raito to success and continued growth.

Fair Dealing

Raito is committed to having its employees deal fairly and honestly with the company’s clients, Suppliers, competitors and other employees.

Our Clients

Doing business in an honest and fair manner with our clients means we must earn their business based on competitive pricing, the quality of our products and services, and our ability to fulfill our contractual commitments. For example, where our products or services must meet client specifications, employees are prohibited from using false data or manipulating data in such a way as to suggest compliance with these specifications when compliance has not been achieved.  Employees responsible for client invoicing are required to reflect accurately on invoices the price of the products and other contract terms.

Our Suppliers

Doing business in an honest and fair manner with our suppliers means that employees responsible for buying or leasing materials and services on behalf of Raito must do so objectively.  We choose to deal with our supplier on the basis of the price, quality and desirability of their goods and services.  Employees must not accept or seek out any benefit from a supplier or potential supplier that would compromise their judgment or create an appearance that their judgement would be compromised.  In addition, it is against company policy to prohibit suppliers from trading with our competitors in order to continue or expand their relationship with us.  

Our Competitors

It is the company’s policy to compete aggressively for new and existing business based on our superior product quality, innovation, technical competence, marketing support and service, and competitive pricing.  Accordingly, false, misleading, or disparaging statements or innuendo about our competitors, their products or their services, or false or misleading statements about our company and its products and services, will not be tolerated.  All comparisons of our products and services with those of our competitors, and all claims about our products and services, must be accurate and factually supported.

Our Employees

Raito recognizes that its employees are its most valuable resource.  Raito values the contributions that each employee makes and is committed to treating every employee with dignity and respect.  This includes preserving the confidentiality of employee records in compliance with applicable law and refraining from unwarranted intrusions into employee’s privacy.

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