Raito, Inc. has developed a comprehensive incident and injury program that addresses our specific safety concerns and provides guidance for the performance of our individual job tasks within the framework of appropriate State and Federal Standards. 


Safety takes a commitment from all personnel within our organization. Training is interactive with an opportunity for all too actively participate, ask questions, make suggestions, and refer to our written policies and procedures. It is the policy of Raito, Inc. to provide a work environment that is inherently safe.  


Safety training needs are identified by a continual reassessment of our work methods, equipment and job sites as well as employee and management input. Observations of unsafe acts or conditions are addressed immediately. Each employee is encouraged to contact their supervisor immediately should a safety or health risk exists, so that corrective action may be taken immediately. Safety requires, that each person understand and perform their individual tasks in safe manner, but also that each individual is aware of his/her surroundings and is actively involved in the safety of others. 


The safety and health of our employees is a primary importance as they are our most important resource.

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